Dining at My Restaurant

During my boss birthday, we brought him to My Restaurant, which is his choice. I guess he must missed western food a lot. Hehehehe...

Overall, I kind of like the food here. It is really western compare with other places. The portion is still quite acceptable compared with those in US. I just can't imagine how a person can finish off a set meal in US. Lol!!!

I can't remember all the food name though. I think mine is chop chop chop. Anyway, here's the food photos.


琴宝贝 said…
Chop chop chop is always my favourite in my restaurant
Newspaper Star said…
where the place?
Dav DiDi said…
Yeah, chop chop chop is always what I ordered whenever I'm here too!

My Restaurant is the nearest restaurant to Samajaya Free Zone .. :)

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